Why Choose Uddogi?

Paperless VAT Calculation using VAT Software | Uddogi

Paperless VAT Calculation

Compliance with new VAT Rules

Paperless VAT Calculation

Gone are the days to deal with heaps of paperwork to maintain numerous NBR and MIS reports. With Uddogi, enter into the paperless realm, bring efficiency and love your work.

Vat Management Software in Bangladesh | Uddogi

Top Manager's Dashboard

Compliance with new VAT Rules

Paperless VAT Calculation

A customizable dashboard for the managers which allows them to see the VAT balance, VDS Balance, Purchase and Sales details and many more.

VAT software that complies wit new VAT rules | Uddogi

Compliance with new VAT Rules

Compliance with new VAT Rules

Compliance with new VAT Rules

Uddogi is a updated VAT software which runs in accordance with new VAT & SD Law 2012. It eliminates the need to keep a separate account for VAT calculation.

About Uddogi

NBR Approved VAT Software | Uddogi

Uddogi has been developed in accordance with the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act and guidelines and instructions mentioned in General Order no-16/Mushak/2019. Uddogi will cater to clients whose annual revenue exceeds 5,00,00,000 BDT and beyond including Manufacturer, Trader, Importer, Exporter, Service Provider. In detail, with this VAT software, processing all transactions related to the raw materials and finished goods for any manufacturing company is possible. Not only the manufacturing companies but also the companies that need to maintain VAT operation for import and export products can also use this software. Uddogi is a user-friendly software that has eliminated the need to maintain a separate account for VAT and obviate the necessity to maintain paper works.


Purchase Module

Purchase Module

Purchase Module

  • Supplier with detail information and register
  • Purchase Invoice & Register Report (Local & Import)
  • Purchase Register (Mushak-6.1)
  • Purchase & Sales Register (Mushak-6.2.1)
  • Purchase Return/Debit Note (Mushak-6.8) 
  • Purchase invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10)

Sales Module

Purchase Module

Purchase Module

  • Customer with detail information and register
  • Sales Invoice (Export and Local) Mushak-6.3 
  • Sales Register (Mushak-6.2)
  • Sales & Purchase Register (Mushak-6.2.1)
  • Sales Return/Credit Note (Mushak-6.7)
  • Sales invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10)

Settings Module

Purchase Module

Settings Module

  • Master Set-up Including Company Setup, Supplier, Customer, HS Code Import, Value Added Head, Unit of Measurement, User-role settings
  • Data security Management
  • System Integration
  • Data Import

How It Works

How Uddogi Works | Uddogi

Who Can Use Uddogi




VAT Software for Manufacturing Businesses | Uddogi

Designed for multi-dimensional businesses related to the manufacturing and production of all sorts of items. 




VAT Software for Trading Businesses | Uddogi

Designed for export-import type businesses, retail, wholesale & distribution.




VAT Software for Service Provider Businesses | Uddogi

Designed for service-related businesses such as banking, consulting, insurance, treatment, education etc.


What is Uddogi?

Uddogi is a NBR approved VAT management software developed by Nascenia Limited, based on VAT Act 2012. 

Is it a web based solution?

Yes. The user can access from anywhere in the world from any type of smart device  and all VAT reports can be exported from Uddogi.

Is it possible to integrate with any existing software?

Through API integration, it is possible to integrate with Uddogi .

Do you have the provision of Data migration?

Yes. Data can be exported from existing software and imported in Uddogi. This provision is open for the user and can be done without contacting the vendor.

Can it be used as a stand-alone software?

Yes. Users can use Uddogi as stand-alone software and also in an integrated mode with ERP or similar systems.

Can I control the access in this software?

You can control the access in this software according to roles and groups.

Will NBR get the access in software?

According to the direction from NBR, they will keep an access in the software at all times.

How many reports can I get from this software?

According to VAT ACT 2012, you will get all the reports in Uddogi .

Which type of company can manage this software?

 Uddogi can be managed in any kind of company including Manufacturing, Trading, and Service.

Do you have any user manual, product brochure, presentation and demo?

Yes. Please contact uddogi@nascenia.com to obtain a user manual, product brochure, presentation and demo.

What about the pricing of Uddogi ?

It is an independent software with many options like integration with existing software, module extensions, management of full production process, etc. Thus the price varies according to the requirements. 

Payment Method in terms of purchasing Uddogi?

Payment methods will be defined through discussions conducted by both parties.

The implementation model of Uddogi:

Stand alone: In this implementation model, the user will input directly from the system

API Integration: With API, your existing system will be integrated with Uddogi.

Without API: Through the 3rd party API, your existing system can be connected with Uddogi. software. Company will develop the API. If the API is not feasible then user can upload data in UDDOGI using predefined excel file format.

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